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Optimized-Musicians at Festifall"As a journalist, I often ask myself this question: “What makes this music scene different from other towns?” In truth, I probably ask because it’s something I have so much trouble answering. I can’t pinpoint that exact moment when I knew that the music that comes out of this place would make such an indelible impression on me. It was a slow and unconscious immersion, but here I am, irrevocably lovelorn, just like many others. What is it about this place that draws you in? What makes you turn down dates and walk to the Local 506 by your lonesome, all for the sake of a show? What about the chords of “Lalita” makes your spine tingle and your feet shuffle like they have minds of their own?"


--Linnie Green, an excerpt from 27 Views of Chapel Hill, Eno Publishers

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