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For more information on other Town services, visit the Service List.

In any emergency, dial 911 for assistance. Should you need further information, please call 919-969-5000.

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Concern Department/Link Contact Info More Information
Compliment to the Town Communications and Public Affairs 919-968-2743
Report information about crimes Crimestoppers



Dangerous or Loose Animals; lost pet OC Animal Control 919-942-7387
Call 911 if causing a traffic hazard.
Dead Animal Removal Public Works (on Town-maintained streets) 919-969-5100

Call 911 if causing a traffic hazard.

On roads outside Town limits, call NCDOT at 1-877-368-4968.

The Town does not remove dead animals on private property.

Fair Housing COMPLAINT
Housing and Community 919-969-5081
Report a fire hazard Fire 919-968-2781
911-Emergency or after hours

Flooding, erosion or drainage problems; dumping into storm drains Public Works Stormwater Division 919-969-7245 (919-969-RAIN)
Garage and Yard Sale Signs Building and Development Services 919-969-5066
Graffiti Police  911
Hazardous spills or natural gas leaks Fire 911
High grass Building and Development Services 919-968-2718
Incorrect or out-of-date information on Town website Communications and Public Affairs 919-968-2743
Junk Vehicles or trash on private property Building and Development Services 919-968-2718
Landlord/Tenant Disputes NC Dept. of Justice 1-877-566-7226

OC Human Rights and Relations 919-245-2487  
Minimum Housing Standards Building and Development Services 919-968-2721, 919-969-5036 Orange County Healthy Homes
Excessive Noise Police 911
Noise Permits Police 919-968-2760
Obstructions in Public Right-of-Way Public Works 919-969-5100
Park conditions Parks and Recreation 919-968-2784
Parking violations on Residential Property Building and Development Services 919-969-5066
Problems with Power Lines Duke Energy 800-769-3766
Public Housing Maintenance Housing 919-969-4982 On nights, weekends or holidays, call 919-968-2855
Missed Recycling Pickup Orange Community Recycling 919-968-2788
Street Lights Traffic Engineering & Duke Energy 800-769-3766
After hours, call 969-4999
Streets/Sidewalks Public Works 919-969-5100
Call 911 for major problems

Traffic Signals and signs Traffic Engineering 919-969-4999
After hours, call 911
Traffic safety concerns Traffic Engineering 919-969-4999
Missed trash pickup Public Works 919-969-5100
Tree concerns/Tree in Roadway Parks & Recreation Parks Maintenance Tanner Thompson, Parks Maintenance Supervisor

Water, Sewage, or Fire Hydrant Leaks OWASA 919-968-4421

Weeds and overgrown vegetation Building and Development Services 919-9-968-2718
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