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Arts and Leisure

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Explore Chapel Hill

The arts abound in Chapel Hill, a community that values the ways that art and culture enriches our lives, helps define the unique and special qualities of our town, and teaches us about each other. 

The Chapel Hill Town Council established the Town's Percent for Art Ordinance which allocates 1 percent of selected capital projects for the creation, fabrication/construction, installation, and maintenance of permanent works of public art. The Town Council also established the Chapel Hill Public Arts Office. The following are a few of the cultural resources available to visitors and residents alike:

Chapel Hill Community Arts & Culture

Comprehensive Information from the
Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Bureau

Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission 

The Chapel Hill Historical Society  

The Preservation Society of Chapel Hill at the Horace Williams House 

University of North Carolina
(including Ackland Art Museum and more)

The Arts Center

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